Discover our abandoned workshop

A unique space with more than 200m2, divided between spaces filled with history and character, located in central Barcelona. Maintaining the aesthetics aged and destroyed, but it works for any type of session, whether fashion editorial, catalog, lookbook, tests and conducting showrooms with a different style.

This location is at number 27 in the Plaza Tetuan and was a former warehouse and is fully adapted to any type of project, with a renewed wiring and lights that help to create environments. This space have outlets every 2 meters for convenience, in addition to bathroom and have a patio that will serve the rest of the team now. We are located in an area well served by public transport and parking lots within 1 block.

The space is located on the first floor, so that the discharge and receiving materials, whether lighting, video, catering or just shoot products is carried out swiftly and easily. In addition to the space, you’ll find original props to make your session without having to hire additional materials.

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Plaça Tetuán 27 Bajos 2ª,
08010, Barcelona
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