Professional photography services

We currently offer a wide range of services related to photography:

Photo studio rental

We offer the best rates to rent the photo studio located in central Barcelona. You can rent all the space, it doesnt matter your need, the number of hours or days you want. Click on the link below to discover the services and materials included on the fee.

Castings & Video Castings Organization

Are you looking for a place in the center of Barcelona to arrange a casting? We offer a professional and fully equipped space where you can meet the candidates and make your casting, you have a reception area and a room for interviews and photographs or filming then need to remember and choose!

Test photo

Are you an agency, production company or photographer and you need to make your new models a photo test and you have no space? In Shoot studios we have special areas where you can shoot any test you need.

Looking for a photographer in Barcelona:

We have a database of professional photographers that can serve for any project you have in mind:

Social Events
Weddings, Family events, conferences, art and entertainment, corporate events, private Fiestras, Photocall
Commercial Photography
Books professional, Castings, Still Life, Infomercials, corporate Photography, fashion Photography, Photography Art, Photography Editorial, Art Photography, Commercial TV, Video Castings, Commercials, Photography portrait product Photography, advertising photography